Do the OCPB criteria that control interest rates have an impact on the company? It is expected to be effective in the first quarter of 2023. What is the company's coping strategy and how much will it affect the company's NIM?

HENG has been planning for this situation since the last year. Initially, it will slow down lending to vehicles with a yield higher than 15% for cars, while motorcycles will be less affected products. Since there is only 3% of the portfolio, it will not significantly affect the target because the interest collected is at the market rate, which does not exceed the ceiling announced by the OCPB and does not significantly affect the NIM.

HENG has contacted the financial institution regarding the interest increase. Since the beginning of the year and some banks have already approved a reduction in interest rates. Therefore, this interest rate increase will not be affected significantly. The interest rate depends on the market mechanism. But the management of financial costs, the company will use the way to negotiate with the lender to reduce interest costs first.

The macro economy has expanded after opening the country that allowing the business to recover and make the demand for the source of capital. Therefore, an important factor in business expansion. The financial sector has benefited from the above factors causing expected the ability to expand in a positive direction. For the last quarter, the total for the year HENG is expected to continue to expand this year at 25-30%, focusing on secured loans. In the third quarter, HENG has already expanded its portfolio by 23%, so HENG still aims for 2022 and 2023 at the 25-30% following the latest target.

In the process of studying business opportunities and risks that are expected to affect the year 2022, new products may not be launched yet. In the case of the Digital Personal Loan product being a high-risk loan, the Company is still in the process of studying the feasibility of such a product.

Because the company has put more emphasis on loan collection. As a result, the amount of NPL debt of the company decreased and reduced the reserve as well. HENG maintains an NPL target of 3.1% according to the company's strategy because it is in accordance with the macro-economic overview which reflects from the debt ability to pay of customers.

Since the company has expanded its branches to meet the target of 638 branches, most of the expenses incurred are from branch rentals and personnel expenses. In the last two months, there will be a study of the area to prepare for the opening of branches for the year 2023.

There is no significant effect because the affected groups are not the main customers of the company.

The trend of insurance fee income is increasing because the company has now focused on selling products along with the new loan. In order to reduce the risk to customers and the company. Most of them are life insurance with more coverage than car insurance.

Currently studying and preparing to tends to issue debentures according to shareholder resolutions.

The company has been specializing in this business for a long time and is always seeing competitors entering the market. The company still adheres to the company's operational guidelines which emphasize access to community sources and focus on efficient loan collection.